Episode #136: Finding Calm In The Chaos

Shari and I cover some important and timely topics on this episode.  

We take a moment to recap from the ReBrand You program and talk about the big take-away’s from this great class.  We discuss the aha moments and ongoing conversations we need to be having with ourselves. 

If you have ever considered doing a class format and aren’t sure if it’s for you, take a listen to the feedback we got from our participants.

We also talk about how to take care of ourselves in the midst of the chaos going on in the world right now.

Chaos in our mind and our lives create disease and disconnect in our bodies.  How do we learn how to practice some self care and self love in this time? Take a listen to find out our thoughts.

We talked about:

  • The importance of not hiding as you rebrand yourself and grow
  • Why a group program can allow for that safe space to be vulnerable 
  • How each week gave aha moments, and these built week on week
  • How easy it is to start with great ideas but let resistance and the inner critic get in your way
  • Unpacking your resistance in a group setting and how that lets you move through it
  • How easy it is to dismiss our feelings but that we need to allow them to happen
  • How to reframe the diet mentality and nourish our bodies
  • A small group program allowing each person to get individual advice and support
  • Shari’s revelation from the course about her blood sugar and health
  • The act that when there’s chaos in the body, that can create disease
  • How to deal with the chaos and fear we all feel in the world right now

To read a transcript, click here.

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