Episode #138: Consciously Creating Your Reality With Melanie Hunter

This was such a fun podcast to record.  This is a great episode if you want to know more about what it means to consciously create the life you want, the philosophy behind doing so, and the tools you can start to use to make some lasting change in your life.

Melanie Hunter and I shared such amazing energy in our discussion about consciously creating your reality.

We went from sharing insights and takeaways from our Joe Dispenza advanced follow-up retreat to discussing the art of manifesting and everything in between.

This was a fantastic topic, one we will continue to dive into even deeper so stay tuned for more with Melanie in the future.

Take a listen it is definitely food for thought.

We talked about:

  • Energy and how the energy in our body and mind can shift our life
  • How Melanie and I met through a Joe Dispenza workshop
  • Melanie’s experience over time with transforming her mindset and working with energy
  • Both our experiences with meditation and energy awareness
  • The science behind the mind-body connection
  • Manifestation and the importance of feeling in your desired state
  • How an understanding of energy can help personal growth and your relationships
  • The difficult issues in social media right now and how being mindful can stave off the negative effects

Learn more about Melanie and her work.

To read a transcript, click here.

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