Episode #14: Genomic Nutrition – How To Optimize Our Approach To Health And Weight Loss

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I am beyond excited to share this podcast with you.

Today I talked with the founder of 3×4 Genetics, Yael Joffe.

Our discussion took us from her explaining the basic concepts of genomics and why it is so powerful in helping determine the best ways to manage our health, all the way through the theory of evolution! 

But seriously, we talked about why for some people weight loss is a lifelong challenge and for others it comes easily.

More importantly than weight management, we talked about how understanding your individual genomic blueprint can be a key factor in helping to live a healthy long life and how this information can potentially keep you from succumbing to certain health conditions that affected your own family members.

In this episode: 

  • Yael breaks down the difference between genetics and genomic nutrition, and why genomic nutrition is so important (2:50)
  • We discuss why people are wary of getting genomic testing done, and why doing it gives us so much more insight into what’s happening in their body (7:38)
  • How genomic nutrition can help us analyze the best way to support weight loss (10:48)
  • How our genomics affect our appetite (15:21)
  • That we all burn calories at different rates and have truly unique responses to the food that we eat  (18:32)
  • Why we’re not all meant to be ‘thin’ and the implications for those looking for weight loss (21:54)
  • How genomics can help us rethink the ‘ideal’ body shape (22:53)
  • How changes in food production have affected our health (27:04)
  • Why health is about so much more than weight loss (31:35)
  • How we often forget to think about lifestyle issues when analyzing our health and weight loss goals (36:53)

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