Episode #146: Gut Health 101 – Connecting The Dots

What a great conversation I had with Dr. Mary Pardee, a naturopathic doctor who specializes in gastrointestinal health.

Her wisdom and knowledge in the area of gut health is impressive.  

If you have any new or ongoing gut issues,  you will want to hear what Dr. Pardee has to say.

From stress to constipation and diarrhea to bacterial overgrowth, we cover it all in this power packed episode.

Take a listen if you want to know more about what your IBS symptoms mean and how to resolve them.

If you are wondering about probiotics, and fiber, Dr. Pardee will answer your questions.

Even if you don’t have gut issues, you will want to hear all of the amazing take aways that we talk about in this episode.

We talked about:

  • the hormones we release when we’re stressed and how they can impact our GI system
  • How Dr. Pardee helps clients understand that a magic pill or answer isn’t available, and how to reduce their stress to support their GI health
  • How diaphragmatic breathing can help manage stress-related GI symptoms like urgency in IBS
  • The gut-brain axis and the importance of understanding that our symptoms are not just ‘in our head’ even when stress and other responses effect our GI tract
  • How the story we’ve told ourselves about our health and gut issues might be wrong, and how to update that story 
  • The importance of our diet, particularly fiber and probiotics, in managing GI health
  • The ‘magic’ fruit that can really help with constipation
  • SIBO, IMO and how accurate the testing is in relation to these issues
  • Why we treat the person, not the paper, and what it means if you do or don’t find negative results from testing
  • Who benefits from a low FODMAP diet

To read a transcript, click here

Learn more about Dr. Pardee and her work.

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