Episode #149: Why You Should Give Functional Medicine A Try

If you are struggling trying to find answers to your health conditions, or are being told there is nothing wrong with you, when you feel just awful, then you are going to want to listen to this week’s podcast.

In this podcast, we discuss what functional medicine is, how it works, and why it might be right for you.  We go through the principles and the pillars of health, what those are and why paying attention to those is an important aspect of  your health and wellness journey.  

Amanda and I talk about her health journey and how functional medicine has changed her life.  We talk about the testing we do and why looking under the hood is a vital part of the journey.  

Take a listen, I am sure that you will  learn a thing or two about what  and why getting to the root of your health concerns can be life changing.

We talked about:

  • The difference between conventional and functional medicine
  • Why people end up coming to us (hint: they’ve tried conventional medicine)
  • Our in depth process to learn about your health history
  • How understanding root causes of problems can be like solving a puzzle
  • The benefits of having a diagnostician and a coach on your team
  • Why it has to be about more than just nutrition
  • The way we break goals up into manageable pieces
  • Why building strong health foundations will help you even if you ‘fall off the wagon’
  • The importance of being a judgment-free zone for our clients
  • The different kinds of tests we use compared to conventional doctors
  • Why we need to look at all your systems as connected and influencing each other
  • Our unique balance of using genomics to help understand what might be at the root of your problems now or in the future
  • Who are the best-fit clients for what we do

To read a transcript, click here

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