Episode #15: PART 1 – All Things Thyroid – Andrea’s Story

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I just had an amazing conversation with one of our clients Andrea that I can’t wait to share with you.

Andrea has worked with us for a year and a half and her results have provided her with what we see as long term sustainable weight loss. More importantly, they’ve provided her with a renewed sense of health that she hasn’t experienced before.  Listen in to learn what was the turning point for her and how she was able to finally find balance within her body, mind and environment. 

Success occurs in the small changes and the incremental behaviors that we incorporate.  Listen to why understanding her genetics and her individual blueprint made the difference in her weight loss success and find out why having a coach was so crucial to this process. 

In this episode: 

  • We discuss how important it is to be our own best advocates (2:52)
  • Andrea tells us her story of thyroid problems (3:55)
  • We look at why health management is a process and not a quick fix (6:12)
  • Andrea shares why mindset was so important for her journey (8:41)
  • We analyze the difference between self-care and being selfish (14:09)
  • We look at how genomic testing helped Andrea understand what her body needed (17:33)

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