Episode #150: The Tools To Reawaken Your Authentic Self

I just loved my conversation with Dr. Tamy Faireman. Dr. Tamy, a former plastic and reconstructive surgeon for over 25 years now refers to herself as a SOUL surgeon, which could not be more fitting for the work she has become so passionate about.

We had an amazing discussion about mindfulness and what that means and how we go about “getting” there.  We talked about so much including how she now supports women in a very different and powerful way.

We hear so much about mindfulness and since the pandemic, the term gets thrown around endlessly. But do you find time to cultivate and explore this?  If you are feeling as though you want more out of life, if you feel stuck, if you feel defeated or perhaps out of balance, then you will want to listen to this podcast. Dr. Tamy has an absolutely wonderful way about her and I know that you will love listening

We talked about:

  • Why menopause can be a time to re-awaken and come into your own power
  • Tamy’s story and how she moved from being a plastic surgeon to a soul surgeon
  • How easy it is to be asleep or distracted from what we really want
  • How to fully express ourselves and why you often need support to do it
  • Why trauma and life experience can cause us to compartmentalize
  • Our biological need for connection and to help each other in life
  • Why mindfulness leads to awareness and acceptance
  • How to take our blinders off and really see the world and what we want
  • Why we need to prioritize what’s important to us
  • How to get to where you want to go in your life

Learn more about Tamy and her work.

Read a transcript of this episode.

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