Episode #154: Small Changes, Big Difference – Rebel Rewind

This is a rewind of an episode I recorded about a year ago with my coaches, to talk about what we see in the health and wellness industry.  Choosing small things to change at a time is still what we are about here, so this is as relevant as it was when we first recorded it.

Take a listen to find out what we, the coaches, do to make a big difference to our health and wellness.

The coaches and I talk about:

  • Trying out diet plans ourselves, including Prolon
  • The importance of a reset for physical and mental balance
  • Using clean products and the documentary Not So Pretty
  • How knowledge gives us power to make the choices that are best for us
  • The effect of toxins on hormones and cancer
  • The confusion many people feel about which diet to follow

Read a transcript, click here.

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