Episode #155: The Secret To Setting Boundaries

Yes, she is back!  That is right, I am referring to our amazing life coach, Shari Coltune.  There is so much to explore when it comes to self-reflection, self-care and working through our own subconscious beliefs, and stories, so I felt it was only appropriate to bring Shari back to talk about boundaries.

This is a topic that has come up so often in my practice and I know there is a ton of buzz about it on social media.  I have said it before, it took me until I was 50 years old to truly understand what setting boundaries actually meant.  And as Nancy Levin says, “setting boundaries will set you free.”

You will want to listen to this podcast as we take a deep dive into better understand what exactly we mean by setting boundaries and how to begin to use tools to set ourselves up for success in setting and creating our own boundaries.

As always this was a fabulous, fun discussion. Take a listen!

We talked about:

  • Our new membership program and how Shari will be contributing to the live Q&As
  • Why setting boundaries is about you, not anyone else
  • The number one predictors of longevity – happiness, connection, and purpose
  • Why it’s hard for women to set boundaries
  • How to view boundaries to help you set them
  • Internal vs external boundaries
  • Why there is no fast-track to setting boundaries
  • How I could set a boundary with my father – with examples
  • What to do when your boundary is ignored by someone else
  • The difficulty of being in the sandwich generation
  • Needing to sit in the feeling of it, not just think about it
  • Why this can be hard for those in their 20s and early 30s

Read a transcript of this episode.

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