Episode #156: Empower Yourself To Create Your Best Life Ever!

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Wendi Weiss Blum all about creating the life we desire.

If that feels so far out of reach for you, you are going to want to listen to this podcast.  If you question how to move the needle forward in your life, or even how to start to make small changes that matter, Wendi is a wealth of knowledge.

Making changes in our lives can seem daunting, and overwhelming. Wendi offers great advice on how to, as she says, reverse engineer your life. 

 I loved her tips and ideas on how to manifest the things you want, whether it’s health, wealth, relationships, or all of the above, you will want to take a listen to what Wendi has to say.

We talked about Wendy’s story and how she started helping people empower themselves

  • Wendy’s first attempt at manifesting a new life
  • Starting the day by setting your intentions
  • Why muscling through can actually make it harder to change your mental state
  • Some examples of things you can do to quickly improve your mood
  • The 5-step Weiss method Wendi uses with her clients
  • Why a coach can be so helpful as you shift your mindset
  • The reverse engineering method Wendi uses to great success
  • Why we need to see ourselves as deserving before we can practice self-care

Read a transcript of this episode.

Learn more about Wendi and her coaching services and follow her on Instagram.

Learn more about Wendi’s Unleash Your Superpower event on April 27th at Delray Beach, Florida. 

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