Episode #157: The Nourishment We All Need

How often have you stopped, I mean really stopped, to take a moment out of your day to contemplate what really matters to you?

Perhaps you meditate, perhaps you journal. And yes, those things do allow us to pause, but often during that time our mind is still occupied with other thoughts.  

I want to know if you actually take time to ponder what brings you nourishment in your life?

I am not just talking about food here, and yes of course that is important and we talk about that all the time.

Just as important as food are the other ways in which we nourish our minds our bodies and our souls.

Today in my conversation with Elyse Wagner, we dive into this area of self-nourishment and how to do it.  

How to ask the important questions and why it really matters in the long run.

If we just move from one task to the next does that nourish us?  If we are just crossing things off of our to do list, while yes, it might be productive, does it contribute to our overall sense of wellbeing?

Take a listen to this podcast to find out the many pearls of wisdom that Elyse has to share.

Be sure to also check out her link to her daily journal that can help you create the nourishment you might be searching for.

We talked about:

  • Elyse’s health journey, including her weight loss journey at 13
  • What nourishment really means
  • Why we need to connect with our values before we can truly work on our wellbeing
  • The pause that’s needed to stay in integrity with your values
  • Why we need to practice controlling our emotions and thoughts
  • Being an observer of your behaviors
  • Our ingrained neural pathways that cause us to react so fast
  • Connecting our feelings to what we are eating
  • Elyse’s values of consistency and discipline
  • Finding your non-negotiable self-care that helps you stay aligned with your values
  • What happens when someone doesn’t feel like they’re good enough 
  • Gratitude and how it helps us connect with our values
  • Elyse’s program and planner that allow you to connect with your purpose in life

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