Episode #16 (Replay): PART 2 – All Things Thyroid

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Question for you. Do you know what the thyroid is? If you’re like most people, the answer probably is, “I think I know, but I am not really sure.” 

Today we take a deeper dive into understanding the thyroid and what it means to have a thyroid imbalance. There is so much confusion surrounding it – even those in the medical community misdiagnose thyroid issues all the time.  

I am looking forward to sharing my insights and clarifying the role of the thyroid gland, and looking at many of the common misconceptions. I think it’s also important to understand the  lab values associated with properly diagnosing thyroid issues. Only once we understand all of these can we take a deeper dive and assess thyroid imbalances and talk about next steps.

In this episode I discuss: 

  • The issues of undiagnosed thyroid problems in the US (3:10)
  • What exactly the thyroid is and explain some key symptoms of thyroid issues (5:16)
  • the 6 key tests that every doctor should be doing when checking for thyroid issues (10:48)
  • Why it’s important to do antibody testing (17:33)
  • A little-known additional test doctors often miss (18:44)
  • Why iodine and mercury imbalances can cause thyroid problems (20:33)

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