Episode #18: Your Questions Answered: Supplements

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Today’s conversation was a follow up to last week’s discussion with Richard Bloomer, about supplements. We were flooded with questions about supplements, and thought it appropriate to devote this week’s podcast to responding to some of those.

We had great questions from our audience and while we couldn’t answer all of them, I did try to cover those that seem to come up frequently. 

In the episode we talk about the lack of FDA regulation of supplements and the pro’s and con’s of that.  We talk about the quality of ingredients and understanding why supplements can even be considered drugs in some cases.

We address some of the important supplements that should be considered as a foundational starting point and others that you should consider adding to the mix.  We also talk about the increasing popularity of personal nutritional formulations and why that may be something worthwhile for you to consider.

Take a listen, I am sure you will find some answers to questions you may have about supplements!

In this episode: 

  • We look at how to choose the right supplements (2:54)
  • Meryl provides her ‘best nutrition insurance policy’ advice on which supplements to take for overall health (4:16)
  • We look at why more is not always better (9:35)
  • We breakdown why supplements are not regulated by the FDA and what that means as you choose supplements (10:51)
  • We look at how to take supplements when you are also on medication (13:27)
  • Meryl explains the difference between liquid vitamins and a lyposomal delivery of vitamins (16:56)
  • Meryl provides her thoughts on protein powders, when to use and how to pick one (19:12)

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