Episode #19: Understanding The Mind Body Connection

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There is no doubt that the mind is a powerful machine and that so much of what transpires in our heads has a physical impact on our body.  Through my own journey, I have learned that the mind and the body are truly one system. Each has a profound and deep effect on the other. 

My conversation today with Laya Seghi further illustrates this point and I was so excited to chat with her about her work in the field of mind body medicine. We talked about everything from the myths and taboos around the idea that what goes on inside our heads actually has physical implications in our bodies, to why it’s so important to acknowledge that this is a real thing.

Laya also takes us through some of the work that she does and guides us through a calming practice that can impact stress, anxiety, and an overall sense of wellbeing.  I truly enjoyed this conversation, and I am sure you will too.


In this episode: 

  • Laya explains why you don’t always know what is held in your body that is affecting your health, and why ‘talk’ therapy isn’t always enough (3:16)
  • We discuss the importance of the mind-body connection and the stories we hold in our bodies (5:18)
  • We look at how our emotions and behaviours can impact our physical health (9:00)
  • We explain why a holistic approach is so important (13:08)
  • Laya explains epigenetics – how our behaviour and environment can affect our genes (16:01)
  • Laya lays out the emotional ‘operating systems’ in our body (19:19)
  • Laya gives us some practical tips to help the mind tell the body to calm down (26:52)
  • We look at the importance of visualization in helping the body to heal (24:03)

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