Episode #22: Genomics: Your Questions Answered

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I had a great conversation on the podcast this week with my friend and colleague Amanda Archibald. 

Amanda and I have been working together in this genomic space for years and I consider her my genetic sister!

We took a deep dive into all things genetic and looked at some of the misconceptions and unpacked why knowing your genomic blueprint can help improve our health. We talk about how food greatly impacts our genes and by having this information we can truly impact our genetic destiny.

While genetics will never predict a disease or diagnose us with a condition, it allows us insight into creating a lifestyle and nutritional plan that can help us stay healthy and well as we age.

We also address the topic of biohacking and why we are on the fence about its potential benefits and consider some of the pitfalls.

Take a listen, I am quite sure you will find this information compelling and so very useful.

In this episode we look at: 

  • What is genetic testing and what do we, as nutritionists, learn from it about your health (2:32)
  • Why our culture puts too much emphasis on a diagnosis (6:22)
  • The importance of nutrition and how it affects our health (11:01)
  • The balance between food and supplements (14:52)
  • The mixed messages we receive about food and supplements (15:39)
  • Why we need to be in control of our own food (17:16)
  • The fact that all the systems in our body are interconnected (25:47)
  • Are specific diets worth it for certain people? (32:22)
  • How to make your own juice and food supplements (35:40)
  • Whether we can biohack our system – and whether we should (38:32)

You can find the transcript here.

You can find out more information about Amanda at her website, the Genomic Kitchen.

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