Episode #24: A Skeptic’s Journey Into Functional Medicine

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Today I was privileged to have an amazing conversation with one of our long-time clients, Rob Isbitts. Rob’s journey initially began when he sought us out for treatment of his ongoing digestive issues.

Rob was the consummate skeptic and it was only after the process of diagnosing and subsequently treating his gut health issues that he finally embraced the idea of functional medicine.

His ongoing quest for knowledge and his desire to optimize his health is what ultimately helped him recover from a chronic immune issue that he had to address shortly before the pandemic began. 

 Take a listen to Rob’s story and to the discussion we had about his own journey, his own realizations, and how that can help those of you struggling to find answers and more importantly solutions to your ongoing health concerns.

We talked about:

  • The meaning of the word rebel, particularly in the healthcare field (3:20)
  • Rob’s health journey and the problems he faced after gallbladder surgery (9:19)
  • The importance of process in finding the root cause of your health problems (14:08)
  • Why rebalancing your body can take time (18:50)
  • Why food is medicine and the importance of considering what we eat (21:22)
  • Why science IS sexy, and the importance of careful analysis by an expert (26:11)

You can find the transcript here.

If you want to find out more about Rob Isbitts, you can do so here.

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