Episode #25: How To Eat Healthily At College

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I am super excited to share today’s podcast with everyone because this one is near and dear to my heart.

I was able to grab  2 of my 3 children – Lindsay and Ashley – and sit down with them for a candid conversation about food, health, stress, and how they have managed to keep themselves healthy and fit throughout their college experiences.

Both of my girls have had their share of weight challenges and health issues. Both have gone through periods of ignoring what mom says, and have finally discovered in their own way and in their own time how to bounce back from these challenges.

I am sure that so many of you will be able to relate, whether you are a parent or a child, to our discussion.

I am so proud of them for sharing their personal stories and I look forward to more discussions in the future with them.

We talked about:

  • The challenges of healthy eating as a student athlete (2:27)
  • How to find healthy food choices in a sorority or dorm (4:55)
  • Why a good understanding of what your body needs helps you be creative when food choices are hard (9:42)
  • Routines and how they can help make good choices, and making sure they don’t turn into an obsession (11:08)
  • How to relieve stress in a healthy way (18:37)
  • How meditation can help you reduce stress (22:46)

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