Episode #26: The Lost Art of Cooking

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Today we talk about food! Jeanne Petrucci is a woman on a mission to help us all get back into the kitchen. She is a fellow registered dietitian – and also a nutrition educator. She is dedicated to helping us connect the dots between the importance of getting back in the kitchen and our health.

Jeanne and I talked about why it’s important that we cook and how we can make meal prep and meal planning easy!

People can so easily be intimidated by cooking and Jeanna has some great ideas to make the art of cooking fun and easy again for everyone.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • what complete nutrition content really is (2:35)
  • the lost art of cooking and why we need to bring it back into the kitchen (7:55)
  • The top 3 things you need to do in the kitchen to set yourself up for success (12:37)
  • Some great free content we have available for you to try – Building your Kitchen Zones and Kitchen SYNC (14:33)
  • Why a meal plan should be a resource and not a mandate (18:17)
  • The fact that to make changes you need to be ready AND choose things that are doable for you to find success (24:17)
  • Why your goals need to be behavior-based and not just ‘losing weight’ (26:15)
  • Our new program, the Rebel Kitchen, which is packed full of content created by Jeanne to support you on your individual health journey (28:48)

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