Episode #27: Not Your Mother’s HRT – The Future of Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Today I was privileged to interview Dr. Marlene Tages-Cordova, AKA Dr. T, about the common misconceptions people hold about hormone therapy.  We touched on topics ranging from why we should even consider taking hormones, to understanding how hormones are processed in the body and why knowing that information is so valuable.

Dr. T explains the importance of why customizing this type of therapy is crucial and that it’s not just about hormones.  We looked at how lifestyle and the mind-body approach is an integral part of any hormone replacement program. We talked about detoxification and why knowing how your body detoxifies hormones is so important to this process.  

Dr. T is as passionate about her work as I am about mine and I am sure you will find this podcast informative and educational!

Today we discussed:

  • Exactly what hormones Marlene looks at when assessing your hormonal balance (5:21)
  • What happens during menopause and how our changing hormones impact that (6:03)
  • The wide variety of symptoms that menopause can have on our body (8:43)
  • Whether taking hormone replacement therapy causes a risk of cancer (13:31)
  • Exactly what bio-synthetic hormones means and why they are better for our bodies (15:26)
  • The importance of regular testing of our hormone balance (17:17)
  • The potential impact of hormone replacement therapy on risking – or preventing – breast cancer (20:39)
  • The importance of detoxification when taking hormone supplements (22:57)
  • Why it’s essential we understand what’s going on in our bodies (27:30)
  • Why our mind-body connection is vital, and the work Marlene is doing in this field (29:48)
  • Meryl’s personal journey with the mind-body connection during her cancer treatment and also her experience with menopause (33:41)

Mentioned in the podcast: Estrogen Matters by Avrum Bluming, MD and Carol Tavris, PhD

O Health Now – Dr. Cordova’s website

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