Episode #28: Tips To Help Prevent Cancer – Making Changes That Matter

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Phew! Today I was fired up to have that “c” word conversation.  Last week Dr. Cordova and I talked about hormones, the stigma around them and the concerns about hormone replacement and cancer.  Today I wanted to address prevention. 

There is so much fear associated with cancer and rightly so.  BUT did you know that cancer can be prevented? While there are no guarantees about anything in this life, we do know that lifestyle, behavior and diet can account for a 30-40% reduction in cancer development.

That is huge.

Join me to learn a little bit more about the specifics around how to modify your lifestyle and the things you want to really pay attention to shifting when you are looking at making changes.

Learn about the latest research and the small changes that you can make that can have a big impact not just on your health but on your ability to offset a potential cancer diagnosis

Today I looked at:

  • Exactly what the BRCA genes and their mutations are, and what risks that causes in relation to breast cancer (2:58)
  • How big an impact lifestyle changes can have on reducing your risk of getting cancer (6:25)
  • Potential changes we can make in relation to eating fat – and whether red meat should really be off the menu or not (hint: it doesn’t need to be) (10:38)
  • Other changes we can make to our diet to help reduce our risk of cancer (15:00)
  • Weight gain, it’s impact on our cancer statistics, and what obesity really means (19:03)
  • Other environmental risk factors that we should consider (19:55)
  • Why knowing our own individual genomics allows us to make specific tweaks to our lifestyle to help reduce the risk of getting cancer (21:34)

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