Episode #31: Benefits of Thermal Imaging (Using Heat) Over Traditional Imaging For Early Detection of Cancer

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As we continue with the theme of October being breast cancer awareness month, I was happy to have an in-depth conversation with Ashley Ageloff about thermography.  If you are wondering what the heck thermography is and how it’s used in breast health, stick around.  You are definitely going to want to hear this conversation.  

Ashley and I talk about what thermography is and we covered all of the basics, including why someone should consider having this done as a preventative course of action.  Thermography can go a long way towards the prevention not only of cancer but also other inflammatory health conditions.

This tool offers so many other benefits – from oral health to skin health.  Including this diagnostic tool in your toolbox is worth its weight in prevention.

In this episode we talked about:

  • What exactly thermography is and why you might want to get it instead of (or as well as) a mammogram (2:11)
  • What lifestyle changes can cause inflammation that can show up on thermography (4:23)
  • Who should use thermography? (9:53)
  • How thermography can help identify potential problems in your gut and thyroid (10:58)
  • The risks of using certain household chemicals and the effect they can have on our health that thermography can identify (15:11)

Check out the Think Dirty app, mentioned by Ashley

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