Episode #32: Beyond Basic Lab Work: How Functional Testing Can Get To The Root Cause Of Health Problems

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Today I chatted with Jordyn Perkins, our Director of First Impressions at the Brandwein Institute for Nutrition and Health.  Our conversation takes a deep dive into understanding why basic lab work has its limitations and how “looking under the hood” and using more comprehensive testing can provide us with valuable information about our health and wellbeing.

We talk about the importance of being your own advocate and not living in fear of knowing what is wrong with you. And we look at how having this information can be life changing in the most positive of ways.

We cover why the medical system and lab testing have their limitations and why working with a functional practitioner can help you better understand your own individual makeup and how to best support your health and wellbeing over time.

It was a wonderful conversation and I invite you to take a listen.

In it, we discussed:

  • Jordyn’s story and how bouncing from doctor to doctor wasn’t helping her (3:24)
  • What exactly happens when you have basic labs taken by your traditional doctor and how these don’t always get to the root cause of your problems (10:12)
  • The differences Jordyn can see now she’s identified the real problem (14:13)
  • How important it is to be your own health advocate (22:49)
  • Why we need to push through the fear of finding out about our problems (27:04)

As always, if the episode raises any questions, then get in touch with us, we love to record follow-up episodes answering any listener questions.

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