Episode #34: Becoming Your You-est You: The Path To Authenticity And Emotional Healing

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Today I interviewed Julie Reisler, master life coach, speaker, entrepreneur, author, and a woman with intuitive superpowers! We could have talked for hours!

Our conversation was beyond inspirational and motivating. Julie shares her story and more importantly, she provides great insight into the benefits of coaching and learning how to live our truest lives, be our most authentic selves and how to move beyond the unhealthy conversations in our heads.

Julie is full of wisdom and offers many great strategies for how to become your “you-est” you.  This was truly one of my favorite conversations and I found so many talking points resonated with me personally. You’ll hear all that and more – be sure to tune in!

We talked about:

  • Julie’s story and her history of dieting (2:41)
  • Why we need nourishment on every level (8:39)
  • The power of coaching (15:08)
  • How coaching is different from therapy (18:13)
  • The importance of intuition and listening to your body (19:45)
  • Tools to help enforce boundaries (24:15)
  • Tips to help navigate the holiday season (31:04)
  • What it means to be the ‘you-est’ you (35:32)
  • How imposter syndrome affects our wellbeing (39:09)

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