Episode #35: Why There’s No Quick Fix To Change Habits: Recalibrate Through Resistance

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My conversations with Shari are always thought provoking and energizing! Shari Coltune is not only one of my closest friends but is truly an amazing life coach. 

Her energy, her knowledge, and her coaching abilities truly put her in a class of her own. She shares inspiring insight into understanding and acknowledging how resistance keeps us from moving forward and achieving the success we are searching for in our lives. We discuss everything from self-sabotage to how we diminish our own values to learning how to live our best and most healthy productive lives.

I absolutely loved this conversation and I think that there are just too many amazing take-always to give away here! Take a listen and get ready to put on your self-reflection hat!!

We talked about:

  • How fear impacts our desire to change (4:18)
  • A tool we can use to push through that fear (6:54)
  • Why it takes time to change (15:08)
  • Why we often end up pushing back as we start to make changes (29:04)

You can find Shari at her website.

If you’d prefer to read about our conversation, we provide a transcript of this episode.


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