Episode #37: Rebel Insider Tips To Surviving (And Thriving!) Through The Holidays

Listen to the episode:

Today I was happy to have a candid discussion with Jill, one of our awesome team members,  about tips and tricks to getting through the holidays.

We talk about how to really thrive instead of just surviving through this time of year. If you are like so many of our clients who tend to fall out of your healthy daily routine, this is for you.

If you find yourself struggling to balance those “good” and bad foods, or if you feel bad about not wanting to feel deprived you’ll want to listen in. 

Our conversation delves into these challenges and more. We offer easy, relatable strategies that can help keep you feeling satisfied, healthy, and good about the choices you are making for yourself.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to listen to your body, so that you can still enjoy treats and not feel deprived (2:07)
  • How to plan your indulgences (5:46)
  • The importance of hydration in setting yourself up for success (7:11)
  • My easy trick clients love to use to help them go from the start of a party to the end without falling off the wagon (8:23)
  • Why you shouldn’t put your health on hold through the holiday season (12:18)
  • The other key components to thrive this season – exercise and stress management (16:10)

You can find the transcript here.

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