Episode #38: A Candid Conversation About Vulnerability, Authenticity, And Listening To Our Clients’ Stories

Listen to the episode:

I was inspired to sit down with Yohi Popiol, the acupuncture physician that I share my office space with, to discuss all of the ways that we help others and how we have truly created a space that allows for health, wellness and healing. 

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome, and do you even know what it is? I know Yohi and I have both fallen prey to it, and no, I didn’t know it actually had a name until recently. By sharing our vulnerabilities and recognizing that we aren’t alone, it makes this discussion even more inspiring. 

If you have felt alone in your plight to find answers and solutions, take a listen to how Yohi and I discuss our holistic approach to wellness and why education, compassion, and listening are vital tools in our healing modalities. I am sure you will find our conversation both inspiring and insightful.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Imposter syndrome and why it’s worth remembering exactly what we have to offer the world (2:29)
  • The importance of an integrative approach to health and wellbeing (10:38)
  • Why it’s important for us to really listen and hear the whole story of your health (19:35)

You can find the transcript here.

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