Episode #39: What Is Genomics And Why Should I Consider Doing A Genetic Test?

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For the last 25 years, the main driver of my work has been to ensure I never have to hear the words ‘you have cancer’ again.

And in the process of doing everything I can to support my health, I’ve discovered an amazing amount about genomics. That’s the study of our genes and how they interact with our environment, and particularly how we can use that to reduce our risks of certain health problems.

A lot of our clients are confused about what it means to have a genetic test – and frankly, scared at what they might find when they take one.

And that frustrates me so much sometimes! The answers in a genetic test can empower you to find answers to health problems you suffer from now, and find the right way for your unique body and circumstances to overcome those problems. 

And it can help you understand what risks you have in your future, and work now to prevent these from occurring.

Emily and I sat down to talk all things genomics and to answer some of your questions about genetic tests and how we use them to support your health and wellbeing.

We covered:

  • The different types of tests available, and the downsides of using a direct consumer test (2:37)
  • How a genetic test can help you break through health issues you can’t seem to solve (12:06)
  • What types of information you can find with a genetic test (19:08)
  • The fear of doing a genetic test, and how you can use the answers as a motivator (31:07)
  • Nurture vs. nature and why your lifestyle can have such a large impact on your health (36:11)

You can find the transcript here.

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