Episode #40: Debunking the Hottest Diet Trends

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Our first of 2022 is all about diets – and why we shouldn’t listen to all the recent New-Year’s Resolution fad-dieting advice being thrown around Instagram and TikTok right now!
If you are confused about food and health, but are also eager to get started on those New Year’s Resolutions (and be sure they will last this time) then this podcast episode is worth a listen.
Today, Jill and I are chatting about the various diets that have remained popular and the possible pros and cons of each. We cover everything from Keto to Vegan and what to pay attention to for achieving actual, real, and balanced nutrition in your life.
We talk about what it means to be healthy and all things to consider when
making food decisions. If you want to start the new year out on the right
foot – or should I say the right plate? – take a listen and you will surely learn something new.
I promise we are not just pushing another fad diet here…. We’re breaking down the sustainable changes that you can welcome into your life to last a lifetime.
We covered:
  • The breakdown, pros, and cons of the Keto diet (2:50)
  • Diet maintenance and sustainability (3:57)
  • Could cutting out foods and food groups actually be dangerous? (7:48)
  • Vegan, Vegetarian, and the pros and cons of not eating meat (8:02)
  • How much protein do I really need? (14:35)
  • Eating like our ancestors and why this is the key you need to optimal nutrition (18:07)
  • How paying attention to your diet and lifestyle can (and will) actually save your life (27:53)

You can find the transcript here.

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