Episode #44: How An Executive Coach Finds His Fountain Of Youth

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My conversation with Jay Feldman answered many questions about how the coach gets coached! In today’s climate, it seems there is a coach for everything, and not all of them are created equal. Jay Feldman’s unique perspective, both as an executive coach and as a Brandwein client, puts him in the driver’s seat of his health and wellbeing.

Jay talks about his transition from his frenetic Wall Street days of trading to his more balanced whole mind-body approach and how that has helped him discover his “fountain” of youth.

Jay shares his perspective on why having a team approach is so important when it comes to his health and why every person should consider using a functional nutritionist.

Learn why genomic testing was a game-changer for Jay and how he is using that information to not only improve his odds at prevention but also to stay motivated and thrive.

You can learn more about Jay on his website. If you’re interested in learning more about genomic testing, check out our website.

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