Episode #48: The Truth About IV Infusion Therapy – Is It Worth It?

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It seems like IV vitamin infusion treatment centers have been popping up around every corner, especially post-pandemic.  

Many of these “drip bars” often make false promises of a quick fix. That infusions will cure everything from a hangover to all your ills, and perhaps this is why they have gotten a bad rap.

Today I am going to speak about the facts and fallacies regarding IV vitamin therapy and why and when I recommend them to my clients. I am delighted to have one of my long-time clients Jackie Cruz join me today for this conversation and we talk about why she has been doing this treatment for some time now. 

Jackie talks about her own health journey and shares her perspective on how the IV infusions have helped her. We talk about the importance of not only knowing who to trust but also knowing why you should or should not have an IV. 

If you have been wondering about IV infusions and if they are right for you, take a listen. If you are curious about what IV therapies can and cannot do, take a listen. This was a fun and engaging conversation and I am sure it will shed some light on the entire subject for our audience.

We talked about:

  • The types of research you need to do before starting IV Infusion therapy
  • The ‘lag’ between the nutrition you receive in your diet and what your body needs
  • Why it can be worth supporting your immune system
  • The difference between a supportive boost and fixing a long term deficiency
  • The effect our gut microbiome has on how we absorb nutrients
  • Supplements vs. IV infusions
  • Understanding your nutritional genetics to identify the best treatment to plug the gaps
  • Why IV infusions can’t make up for an unhealthy lifestyle

If you prefer, you can read a transcript of this episode.

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