Episode #50: The Importance Of The Mind-Body Connection

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This week on the podcast, I continued my chat with Tamsin Astor, coach and author of Force of Habit: Unleash Your Power by Developing Great Habits.

Tamsin has a PhD in neuroscience and psychology, and it was fascinating to learn a bit more about the science of what’s going on in our minds and bodies as we navigate our environment.

We talked about:

  • The modern phenomenon of distraction and why we need 23 minutes to get back to the level of attention and focus we had before our attention was taken away
  • The layers of self that we all experience on a daily basis, and why it’s important for these to be in alignment
  • Recognizing emotions in our self and others to enable connection
  • The power of meditation and staying distraction free

These are topics I talk about a lot with my clients in our coaching programs and also as I help them address chronic health issues that have sometimes been undiagnosed and unnoticed for years. As we put ourselves in alignment and listen to all the parts of our self, we can start to address root causes that we haven’t been able to listen to before.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Tamsin and can’t wait to have her on the podcast again in the future! If you have any questions about neuroscience and the mind-body connection you’d like me to ask her, hit reply and let me know!

If you prefer, you can read a transcript of this episode.

Learn more about Tamsin at her website.

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