Episode #53: Genomics and Longevity: Part 1

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We are continuing our Men’s Health month with an interview with a client, David Stout. 

I always enjoy my engaging conversations with those clients who take a deep genuine interest in not only their health but in their desire for longevity. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to all (well, most) of my clients.  But there are those who spend a good deal of time researching and are intently dedicated to optimizing their health.  

I was able to sit with one such client and have a candid and insightful conversation.   My conversation with David was so enjoyable and he was so very gracious to share his journey with the audience. 

David shared his journey and the tipping point of what eventually brought him to us. I think so many of you will relate to what he says and will be inspired by his drive to find answers. 

We talk about his genomic testing and how that has impacted his health; and he shares how working with us has changed his life for the better. 

I am sure you will enjoy listening to his story as much as I enjoyed interviewing him!

In this episode we discuss: 

  • What happens when you ignore your body’s whispers and they become a roar
  • How to understand what is best for you individually and not just follow generic advice
  • Why men don’t listen to their body’s signals and why that’s risk
  • Why the 1-size-fits-all approach rarely works
  • Why genomic testing allows us to understand what switches’ our body have and help us make sure they don’t turn on in the future
  • Why consistency is key
  • The risks and benefits of supplements and why understanding your genomics can allow you to use them more effectively

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