Episode #59: From Traditional ER Doctor To Functional Health Advocate

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I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Ian Russinoff.  Dr. Russinoff trained as a traditional medicine doctor and practiced ER medicine for most of his career.  In the last year he has opted for a less traditional role as the medical director at Sollis Health, a concierge-based ER practice with a location in West Palm Beach.

Dr. R shares his experiences as an ER physician and why he chose to make the shift.  He candidly shares his own frustrations with the traditional medical model and why the system is broken. Take a listen to his take on functional medicine and why prevention is the key to longevity. 

If you have been frustrated with your own experiences at the doctor or even the ER tune into this podcast to learn more about why.  Take a listen to how the functional model is designed to truly serve the individual and the benefit of what sets us apart from the rest.

We talked about:

  • How a concierge medical practice works for it’s members
  • The space Ian now has to talk with patients about wellness and prevention
  • How our healthcare system is broken and the implications of that for patients trying to find answers
  • Why we need to focus on prevention and as individuals need to take responsibility for our own health
  • The key advice Ian gives his patients to support a long, healthy life
  • Information overload and how to know what advice to listen to
  • The importance of creating consistency to help making good choices become easier
  • Mental health issues especially post pandemic
  • Ian’s journey to learn more about functional medicine

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