Episode #61: Weightlifting Myths Debunked: The Secret Benefits Of Resistance Training

There are so many misconceptions about weightlifting and resistance training out there — and I hear lots of them every day at the Brandwein Institute.

The truth is, resistance training doesn’t have to be miserable, it definitely shouldn’t be causing you pain —  and you don’t even need to be doing it in a gym!

Listen to part 2 of my interview with our new in-house personal trainer, Jessie Ben Dayan, as we talk about the common myths around weightlifting and working out in general.

We talked about:

  • Why you don’t need to do hundreds of crunches to have great abs
  • The added benefits of using balance exercises to engage your core
  • Why working out for health and longevity leads to looking better too
  • Why you don’t need to work out hours a day to stay fit
  • The importance of movement (not just exercise) throughout the day
  • The natural mood reset you get when working out
  • All the places you can work out that aren’t the gym 
  • Why accountability can really improve your consistency at working out

For a transcript, click here.

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