Episode #62: The Journey From Illness To Wellness

There are few things more frustrating than being told you are “normal” or “fine” when you feel anything but that. Our very own, Amanda Schuh went through years, many many of them being told she was fine and normal when she knew something was wrong. As a young adult, when she should have been in her prime, she felt as though her body was defeating her. Unable to function and having to drop out of college, Amanda went on her own healing journey. In this conversation, you will hear from Amanda herself, her frustration with the ”system” and how she finally was able to get some answers.

Take a listen to this compelling story about perseverance and determination. Amanda knew she had the capacity to heal, she just needed the support, guidance, and the right tools to do so.

If you are feeling lost, feeling frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed about your own health journey, take a listen.  Know that you aren’t alone and that there is something you can do and people there to guide and support you.

We talked about:

  • Her own health story and how it took over 6 years to find solutions to her health problems
  • What to do when conventional medicine can’t give you any answers
  • The comprehensive deep dive she needed from functional medicine to find the root cause of her problems
  • Why we need such a long initial consultation with new clients
  • Why wellness is more than just what foods you eat
  • The importance of rest and self care and how our culture rewards the opposite
  • The tools that you really need to live a healthy life
  • The importance of habits and behaviors and consistency
  • The importance of information that is tailored to your unique body rather than general advice on what being healthy means
  • Why you should never apologize for taking care of your body and feeling good as a result

How to learn to trust your body

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