Episode #64: Wired And Tired: A Solution To Slow Down

Ever wonder how to change the dialogue in your head so that you aren’t focusing on the negative all of the time? So often we move through life with thoughts that keep us from realizing our true potential.

We have dreams, desires and goals, and yet the overwhelming fear of failure prevents us from even trying.  If any of this resonates just a little, you are going to want to listen to our insightful podcast with mindset coach Renie Anderson.

This compelling conversation really has you taking a step back to THINK.  So often we function in fight or flight and go from one adrenaline-rushing moment to the next. 

We don’t take the time to pause. And yet that pause is exactly what we need to move us forward.

If you are struggling with feeling wired and tired, if you feel that you can’t get out of your own way, this podcast is for you. This was truly an engaging and enlightening experience for me, I am sure it will be for you too!!

We talked about:

  • The stories we tell ourselves that keep us anxious, and how to change the dialogue
  • Why we focus on our fears and worries rather than the solutions to them
  • The vagus nerve, its importance for our fight or flight response, and how to calm it
  • Why stress shouldn’t be a badge of honor
  • Why we need more delayed gratification in our life
  • The importance of listening to our body
  • Why many habits that we thought  made us safe stem from childhood and how we can work to change them
  • What we can do to start making changes today
  • The physical effects stress can have on our bodies
  • How to work at removing the need for external validation
  • Why we need time to rest and accept our discomfort
  • Why our biggest fear is ‘I don’t know how to do it.’


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