Episode #65: Self-sabotage And How To Keep Going With The Hard Work Of Healing Ourselves

I had such fun talking with Renie Anderson last week on the podcast, and we couldn’t help but continue the conversation and talk about a specific thing I hear a lot in discovery sessions with clients, and follow ups; the release, and then the pull-back of wanting to solve the problem.

Renie talked through with me what she thinks is happening when a new client pulls away after breaking down in the office.

We talked about:

  • What happens when a new client tells me their story in an initial consultation — and then gets cold feet about continuing with the process
  • Why committing to finding an answer — and then backing out before completing the process — is a common problem
  • The problem of expecting a quick fix after decades of processing things a certain way
  • Renie’s thoughts on why someone might not really want the answers, even if they think they do
  • Why we need to connect to what the little kid inside of us is looking for
  • How to sit with the discomfort of what we learn about how our body holds things
  • Why self-soothing is the antidote to a nervous system in over-drive — and is always available to us
  • Why meditation is not about peace and relaxation – and what its real purpose is
  • Why curiosity is so essential in analyzing our own situation
  • The pervasive problem of feeling we need to fix other people

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