Episode #67: What Exactly Is Functional Nutrition?

What do we do exactly? It’s a question we often get asked!

Are you experiencing pain and frustration and not getting any answers? Do you feel as though you are being let down by the medical system?  Are you being given pills and medication just to manage a symptom? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, this podcast is a must listen.

So many of you are confused and frustrated about how you feel and just don’t know where to turn to get the right answers. And it’s not all about illness here. My passion is keeping people healthy. If your goal is about elevating your health wellness, this is also for you. 

At BIN we are all about taking a deep dive into your health and your symptoms. Our goal is to help you find the solutions that will help you eliminate the pain, resolve the frustration and empower you to be the best and healthiest YOU that you know is possible. 

This podcast will walk you through what to expect when you come and see us, and what you need to know about how we work. I know you will find this podcast incredibly insightful and enlightening! Enjoy.

We talked about:

  • What exactly functional medicine is, and how it differs from conventional medicine
  • The importance of prevention and listening to our own body and intuition
  • Why we need a 90 minute discovery session before we start working with a client
  • The lost art of advocating for your own health
  • Why your life history is so important, as we are one inter-connected system
  • The nuances and context of your life that are essential as we create an individualized plan that is most appropriate for you
  • Why a conventional doctor only has access to one toolbox, and the importance of looking to other toolboxes when you’re looking for a health solution
  • Why our process takes months, not days or weeks
  • The need for a client to see themselves as worth the investment in their own health
  • The culture of putting everyone else first

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