Episode #68: Testing, Testing! A Deep Dive Into The Tests Functional Nutritionists Use

In the second part of our deep dive on functional nutrition, I chatted with Amanda Shuh, our Director of First Impressions at The Brandwein Institute for Nutrition & Wellness in more detail about the types of tests we generally use, and how we decide on the right test (and the right time to take it) for each client.

There is so much information out there (and not all of it good) and a lot of it suggests ‘hacks’ or ways to fast track weight loss. But the truth is, it took time for your body to get to the imbalance you feel right now, and it will take time to rebalance things too.

If you’ve ever considered coming in to visit me, or going to any functional nutritionist, then you’ll love this episode.


We talked about:

  • Why we are about compassion and not judgment 
  • A detailed breakdown of the 3 different types of tests we can do to understand what’s happening in your body
  • The importance of understanding your genomic history 
  • Why I feel empowered to know my risk factors and be able to take charge of my health
  • Why an inside-out approach to health will always yield better results
  • The overabundance of information and advice available, and knowing who to trust
  • Why there is no fast-track to improving your health and wellbeing
  • Why you might come to us even if you aren’t sick, but are looking to amplify your health long term

To read a transcript, click here.

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