Episode #69: Optimizing Fertility And Women’s Health

I had the distinct please of talking with fertility specialize Dora Toma recently. If you’re looking to conceive or are currently pregnant, you are going to want to listen to this podcast.

If you are wondering why nutrition is such an important focus during pre-conception, conception, and post-delivery, this podcast is a must listen.

We talk about everything from stress to environment and the how’s and why’s of all of it.

If this feels complicated because you don’t know where to start, Dora has a great way of taking a very complex process and simplifying it so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Dora is truly an expert when it comes to women’s health and all things related to fertility, and I am sure you’ll love listening to her pearls of wisdom.

On this episode, we talked about:

  • Dora’s fertility journey, including her PCOS diagnosis and her miscarriage
  • Why nutrition is important for both women and men when they are trying to conceive
  • The infradian rhythm and its importance in fertility
  • Why nutrition, not calories, is important when it comes to pregnancy
  • The link between stress and infertility 
  • The different tiers of hormones and their impact on fertility
  • The link between stress and progesterone
  • Why a diet that supports fertility can still be balanced and include foods you love
  • The impact of metformin on pregnancy
  • How to be proactive about your health
  • The impact of the environmental toxins on our DNA
  • The importance of starting small and taking one step at a time to remove overwhelm

To read the transcript, click here.

To find out more about Dora, check out her website.

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