Episode #70: A Conversation About Miscarriage: How Being Kind Is Key

I had the distinct please of talking with fertility specialize Dora Toma recently. If you’re looking to conceive or are currently pregnant, you are going to want to listen to this podcast.

If you are wondering why nutrition is such an important focus during pre-conception, conception, and post-delivery, this podcast is a must listen.

We talk about everything from stress to environment and the how’s and why’s of all of it.

Miscarriage is a difficult process for everyone involved. As a woman, there are a million things that swirl through your head and loss and grief are just the beginning.

Today, in part 2 of my conversation with fertility coach Dora Toma, we unpack the conversation with compassion and empathy. If you know someone who has struggled or you yourself have dealt with this loss, take a listen to our conversation. It is sure to shed some light on a subject that isn’t talked about enough and more importantly in an area where so many women feel alone.

Know there is support and someone who can help you. Whether it’s about how to rebalance your body and hormones post miscarriage or to find a way to cope and manage, Dora helps break down the process and is a wealth of knowledge for those who need it.

We talk about:

    • The compassion and grace you need to give yourself if you’ve been through a miscarriage
    • The mind-body connection and why we need to let our emotions around the miscarriage settle
    • How long, in an ideal world, we should wait to try and conceive again
    • How to track the hormones as we recover from miscarriage
    • Why it’s worth working with a practitioner to put yourself in the optimal position to have another, healthy pregnancy
    • Dora’s struggle with stress and how that impacted her pregnancies
    • The importance of rebalancing your body after miscarriage
    • Listening to the messages and signals our body sends

You can find more information about Dora here.

For a transcript of this episode, click here.

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