Episode #71: Disordered Eating And Why A Calorie Isn’t The Same For Everyone

Colby Kranz, founder of LivingPurely, is new to the health coaching world. She shared with us her insights about being a millennial in this ever-changing landscape, what that means for her business, and how she has learned to navigate the health and wellness space.

Colby shares her own story, how and what prompted her to get into this work, and the events that happened to her during the pandemic that shifted her thinking about this work.

We covered topics such as how to deal with social media, disordered eating behavior, and how to recognize good advice from bad. We also talk about the work that I do and how there is such a synergy between coach and clinician.

Colby is candid and open and was a pleasure to talk with. I am sure you will enjoy our conversation!

We talk about:

  • Colby’s story, the pressure to be thin, and where that started
  • Disordered eating behavior and what that means
  • How parents can talk to their children about health and their sense of self
  • The conflicting information available on social media – and the confusion it causes
  • Why not all calories are created equal and how different people metabolize food
  • The difference between calories and nourishment
  • A brief explanation of how genetic testing helps us find the right balance of nourishment for your particular body and lifestyle

You can find more information about Colby here. For a transcript of this episode, click here.

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