Episode #72: Learning About Health And Nutrition On Social Media

Colby Kranz and I had such a great time talking that we had to split this one into a 2 parter! In the second part of my interview with Colby, health coach and founder of LivingPurely, we focused on the influx of health and nutrition trends, fads, and ‘hacks’ on social media these days, and how to understand exactly what your body needs and why. 

We talk about:

  • How exactly to create a balanced, nutritious meal, including what types and quantities of food to include
  • Connecting with your body and how you feel as you eat
  • Why indulgences are fine – in moderation
  • Why deprivation is never part of our holistic approach
  • Using your genetics to determine which eating approach might be best for your body
  • The current model of chasing a number on the scale instead of your health and why it doesn’t work
  • Finding a realistic and sustainable health plan for your body and lifestyle
  • How we end up in a weight plateau even when we’re trying to drop pounds
  • The real way to lose weight sustainably over time
  • The importance of diversity in nutrition and workouts to push past the plateau
  • Finding the right people to talk to when you need support or advice

You can find more information about Colby Kranz here. For a transcript of this episode, click here.

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