Episode #73: Disordered Eating – A Pandemic All Of Its Own

What an engaging conversation I had with Barbara Capp. As a clinical psychologist of more than 30 years, Barbara gave us such an amazing perspective and insight into the world of disordered eating behaviors.

We covered everything from how these disorders present in the first place to the mental emotional nuances of these conditions. We talk about social media and the current state of anxiety and overwhelm and how it contributes to the perpetuation of these disorders and talk about strategies to help people recognize and address disordered eating behavior.

I just loved this conversation and I wanted us to keep going! This won’t be the last time we chat with Barbara for sure!

Hit play and don’t miss this one!!

We talk about:

  • The rising epidemic of disordered eating 
  • How social media has changed the narrative about how we are expected to look
  • The fact that social media means girls have a heavy load of expectations from an increasingly young age
  • Strategies Barbara would recommend to help kids and parents handle disordered eating
  • Food being a metaphor for what’s going on inside your body and your mind
  • The fact that everyone’s eating issues are unique, and so need to be treated individually, not with a one size fits all approach
  • Why asking someone to give up disordered eating involves offering them something else to put in it’s place
  • The common problem of self-sabotage after someone has started eating healthier
  • The fact that eating disorders are the way your body communicates – your voice
  • The importance of self care and setting boundaries in your life so you can truly be yourself
  • The disconnection in society right now, and why humans need connection
  • Really connecting with your family when you are physically with them
  • Why anxiety can be a gift and provides an internal barometer

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