Episode #74: Engaging Parents Into The Disordered Eating Conversation

I am so thrilled to introduce this part two of my conversation with Barbara Capp, licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in disordered eating behaviors.

Today we continue our conversation about disordered eating and take a little bit of a different spin. Our discussion today was focused on the parents.  

We talk about how to best include parents into the conversation about eating disorders and how sensitive a topic it truly is.  According to Barbara, it there is a spectrum of engagement when it comes to parents and how they handle a child with disordered behavior.  The one thing we do know is that it is never just about the food, or controlling how much a child is or is not eating. It’s often about the family dynamic and the role that everyone plays.  

This can be a scary and uncomfortable place for so many parents to “live,” yet with the help of a professional Barbara explains that there is success and accomplishment if we can simply start the conversation and make it about connection.  

Take a listen! What a great conversation this was!

We talk about:

  • Supporting parents and not shaming them regardless of what has happened up to this point
  • Why parents often have to look at their own relationship with food
  • How kids can pick up on their parents’ anxiety
  • Why we need to support our kids eating with intention and not sneaking food
  • Looking at the messaging around food in a household
  • The pressure kids feel to meet an expectation they think their parents have
  • Why it’s never about just willpower
  • The need to take baby steps and gradually make changes for both kids and parents
  • Why kids often feel as if they can’t make changes if they want to keep the balance of the family together
  • How Barbara can support a kid even when their parent is not on board with the work
  • The importance of having and keeping a connection with your child
  • The link between disordered eating and trauma
  • Understanding the root cause of the disordered eating

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