Episode #76: The Importance Of Weight Training For Longevity And Health

Get ready for part one of this two-part series with Ky Evans, one of the owners and founders of the Lift Lounge method!

I am sure Ky and his partner Jodi Vanderlei are here in South Florida and I am sure they are about to revolutionize the exercise industry!

Ky is a trained ballet dancer turned exercise scientist and has created a workout that truly maximizes the body’s potential.

I had the privilege of chatting with him about how he developed this method, how it’s so unique, and why it totally transforms the body.

The story is fascinating, and his philosophy is rooted in science, physics, and spirituality. He and I speak the same language and his message resonates with my views on health, nutrition, and life!

Our conversation was energizing, enlightening, and empowering.

I am sure you will enjoy this podcast and hopefully, it will get you thinking about how efficient and effective your current exercise, nutrition, and behaviors are, and what you can do to move the needle in a more positive direction.

We talk about:

  • Ky’s journey to find an exercise routine that balanced weight training and the core benefits of Pilates
  • The key thing missing in pilates machines
  • The fact that the main ingredient to increase quality of life and life expectancy is muscle health
  • Why Ky wanted a lounge and not a gym, and what that means
  • The benefits of variable tension
  • Why cardio just won’t cut it
  • Why socialization is a key part of human longevity
  • Why Ky focuses on the huddle, not having a coach tell us what to do
  • Why we need to work on stimulating our nervous system and not hurt our joints
  • The fact that muscle is the engine of our system and stores all our essentials
  • How culturally we’re setting people up for failure with current weight loss theories
  • The myths Ky sees most often in relation to weight training
  • The balance of muscle being in stimulation and repair and why both are necessary
  • The benefits of using technology to individualize our routines for our own health 
  • Why variety is the death of results

You can find more information about Ky and the Lift Lounge on their website.

For a transcript of this episode, click here.

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