Episode #79: The Nutritional Benefits Of Aroa Yogurt

AROA is my favorite yogurt on the planet. (And no, no-one paid me to say that!)

Take a listen to hear why it’s my favorite, and more importantly, why this yogurt is so good for your health.

Dairy has gotten such a bad rap, and for good reason. Most dairy in this country is so highly processed that I actually label it a ‘non’ food.   

So if you are wondering what makes Maria’s yogurt so different and how this can truly support your health, you are going to want to listen to our conversation!

Maria and I talked about:

  • Aroa yogurt and the long journey to creating and selling this product
  • The different types of yogurt available in stores, and why Aroa is different
  • The nutritional and health benefits of yogurt 
  • Why yogurt is not really a dairy product
  • The healthy ingredients Maria adds to Aroa yogurt
  • The benefits of the fermentation process
  • Why real yogurt can’t have a long shelf life
  • Why Aroa is a full-fat yogurt

Interested in learning more? Find out about Aroa yogurt on their website or Instagram.

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