Episode #80: How Learning To Love Yourself Matters

Today Suzette and I jumped right into it. As a longtime integrative health coach, Suzette truly understands how to unravel and help women decipher the noise that often overtakes our thoughts, emotions, and our success at achieving our goals. If you find that you are really good at starting different types of health and weight management programs, but just can’t seem to stick to them, you are going to want to listen to this.

If you think it’s all about willpower and the need to feel deprived and starved in order to achieve success, you need to listen, because I have news for you. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you really want to know how to get the support you need to help move the dial on your weight or even your well-being take a listen.  

It’s all about knowing how and why to shift the dialogue, the conversation, and the picture. 

Listen to Suzette and me to hear what may be missing in your health journey that is undoubtedly holding you back.

Suzette and I talk about:

  • The power of rewriting the stories we’ve been told about ourselves
  • The fact that trauma is not just in your mind, but also in your body
  • Why we sabotage our own goals
  • The difference between ‘big T trauma’ and ‘little t trauma’
  • Why internal validation is so much more important than external validation
  • The fact a sense of community is so important to our longevity and also our self-care
  • Why we need to instill a sense of confidence by taking change one step at a time
  • Your brain’s goal – and why it is not to make you happy
  • Why being honest with yourself about what changes you can make is key
  • Why we aren’t chasing the goal, but the feeling we’ll have when we achieve it
  • Why it comes down to how you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself
  • The importance of setting goals we can grow into

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