Episode #81: Shifting The Stories We’ve Been Told About Ourselves

In a world where the noise in this industry is so loud, and so many people claim to be experts, sifting through the information has become a task unto itself.  

Either that or you are just flat-out listening to the wrong people and getting questionable advice.  If you want to know how to find the right people to listen to, this episode is for you.

As Suzette discusses, asking the right questions is key. Knowing what you are looking for and more importantly, advocating for your health is and should be a priority.  Trust is a huge factor and having a connection to your healthcare practitioner is a must if you are going to achieve your goals. However, ensuring that you get solid, accurate, and valid advice should be your top priority.  

Suzette and I had a lot of fun talking about this and take a listen to hear how to best embark on your wellness journey.

Suzette and I talk about:

  • The continual learning we both do as healthcare professionals
  • The amazing new data and information about our body that we can use to support our clients
  • Why there’s more people than ever giving advice, and how to identify who you want to listen to
  • The difference between opinions, things that have worked for one person, and researched facts and data
  • Why a one size fits all approach rarely works
  • How advertising and selling medical products can get in the way of finding the right path for your unique body
  • Why food is medicine and supplements are a support
  • The difference between coaching and therapy
  • The conversations we have in our heads and how to address them
  • The stories others tell us about ourselves
  • When we see how unique everyone is, it’s easier to support each other
  • Energetics and how it impacts how we work
  • What happens when we ignore our instincts

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