Episode #83: The Process Of Transformation

Today I had a fun conversation with my partner Howie about his journey and the amazing progress he has made!

I always say this work is a process. Howie talks about his journey, and what he found out about himself as he began doing this work.

If you are wondering what change looks like, if you are curious about what we do, take a listen.

Howie candidly shares the shifts he has made in his life and talks about what it takes to really create healthy lasting habits.

I am proud of how far he has come and I know the effort he’s put in to get there. Take a listen to hear about how he completely transformed his life, his body, and his habits.

Howie and I talk about:

  • The prescription medications Howie was taking a year ago, and how he has worked to come off them
  • How he felt about this process at the start, at the 6-month mark, and now, 1 year in
  • The ‘cardio cures all’ culture Howie comes from and how he’s changed his exercise habits
  • Why habits are so important and how long they take to shape
  • The new way Howie looks at what’s on food labels in stores
  • How he’s created discipline that he didn’t have before
  • The testing we’ve done and how we’ve added, then removed, certain supplements
  • Living the 80/20 lifestyle
  • The fact that while he’s only lost 10 pounds or so, he’s experiences a complete body transformation
  • The increased energy Howie now feels, and his improved sleep quality
  • The importance of accountability and support as part of this journey


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